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Ghetto Blaster • Red Room Effect

Over the past month or so we have once again teamed up Red Room Effect to make some dope visuals. This time it was an unreleased song titled "Ghetto Blaster".

This video was a lot of fun to shoot. The video took three days to film and we had fun on set everyday.

Day One • We headed to the basketball courts in Tarentum around noon and warmed up for the game. We started with shots of the players dunking by jumping off of a small trampoline and worked our way into full pickup games. This was my first time using a stabilizer so my arm was pretty sore the next day.

Day Two • We met at the golf course around 9 a.m. The course was a little busy so they sent us to start over at hole 7. The problem was there weren't any maps and they didnt tell us how to get there. So we spent the first 15-20 minutes just riding around in the carts. Some footage from just driving around made it into the video. Once we found the hole we got all of our shots in on one hole and then I had to leave to go to work.

Day Three • The Strip in Pittsburgh was the location for all of the shots on the third day. We planned on getting shots in front of Tad's only to find out that they had closed down which actually made it easier. Fun Fact: the cardboard Eric is breakdancing on is from the Rue 21 at the Pittsburgh Mills. The shoot went pretty smoothly besides some people who tried ruining shots. In spite of them we had some people who also wanted to positively be involved. I did get a good share of odd looks walking backwards down the street filming Eric and Anthony wearing the shoulder pads though.

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